About Me

Hi I am Don….

I started to learn how to draw at a very young age, like 3 or 4, and as a teen I was drawn to horror and science fiction movies.  The classics, the B-rated ones, and the bloody ones horror movies.  Jason, Fred Krueger, Alien and Texas Chainsaw Massacre to name just a few. There is a science to making a good horror movie and I enjoy watching those.

I have 2 beautiful kids and I am married to a wonderful woman.

I also have a love of comic-books, in high school my dad, with my help, owned a comic and memorabilia store.  I still enjoy reading a well-drawn comic book or graphic novel.  I even self-published “Lethal Lita” with my friend Mike LeBlanc and who knows she might make a return sometime.

What I Do….

Like a superhero I have a day job as a graphic designer for a sign company, yes I know…. BORING!!!!! But, it pays the bills.

By night and on weekends I am an artist using pencils, caulks, pens, watercolors, and airbrush painting to  create works of art that many of fans and customers enjoy to see and buy to hang on their walls and decorate their living spaces.  It still amazes me what can happen to a simple piece of paper when I put a pen or pencil to it and see what is hidden on the paper.

Music bands, book authors, horror fans, comic book fans, and enthusiasts of good artwork buy my pieces and ask for custom pieces.

How can you see my artwork?

DonEnglandFacebookIconBecome my friend on Facebook, Instagram, or visit my store.  Websites can be time consuming to keep up to date and efforts to automate the process has been sketchy at best.  What can you expect from my Facebook account?  I share my new pieces and share the shows I will be attending around the Midwest and on occasion I head to California for shows out there.


Stop by one of my shows…

If you are in the area of one the shows I set up at stop by say hello and check out my t-shirts, lunch time sketches, and original pieces of artwork, all for sale.

I always enjoy talking about the movies I have seen and the characters I draw.

What are “Lunch Time Sketches”?

“Practice makes perfect”.  Staying sharp is important for artists and always doing commission work can become tedious.  To stay sharp a long while back I started to just doodle while on my lunch break, quick drawings on small pieces of paper and sharing them on my Facebook page.  The idea has grown, I take requests from time to time and any of the sketches are available for sale if they were not asked for first.  Just send me a personal message on Facebook for details, requests, and availability.

Do you need a unique piece of art for your business venture?

1010821_10201694698073380_253318485_nAre you writing a book or magazine, or producing a movie, or planning to produce a music CD?  I welcome the creative process and would be glad to talk to you about working with you and your idea.  Let’s talk.  Send me a personal message on Facebook to start the conversation.